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The <a href="" title="Insel Losinj Kroatien"> Insel Losinj</a> island of Losinj </a> stretches far into the <a href="" title="Kvarner Bucht Kroatien"> Kvarner Bay</a>. Its dramatic coastline and lush greenery makes it an ideal destination for island tourists, who love the liveliness and variety of island-hopping. A well-developed tourist infrastructure, extensive pine, laurel and holm oak forests, as well as its charming villages, have made the island a popular meeting place for bathers and boat owners since the 19th century.<br /> <br /> Once upon a time, the <strong>island of Losinj</strong> was still linked to the neighbouring island of Cres <a href="" title="Cres Kroatien"> Cres</a>, until the Romans separated the two islands at Osor. However, it’s hard to imagine two islands as different as Cres and Losinj, despite them often being mentioned in the same breath. While Cres is sparse and relatively untouched, Losinj appears entirely Mediterranean with lavish vegetation. Losinj owes its palm trees, oleander bushes, orange trees and agave to sailors who travelled the seas from the 16th century onwards and brought home to their island many seedlings from distant countries. The parks, the mild climate and the charming landscapes began attracting tourists in the 19th century, meaning that the island can look back on a long tradition as a tourist destination. Today, Losinj is a popular tourist hub, which particularly during peak season appears to be bursting at the seams.Even in low season, <a href="" title="Mali Losinj Kroatien"> Mali Losinj</a> and <a href="" title="Veli Losinj Kroatien"> Veli Losinj</a> are still lively, but if you’re looking to “escape”, you can head to the quieter neighbouring islands of Unije , Susak and Ilovik.<br /><br />As Losinj consists of a single mountain range with peaks of up to 590 metres, the island offers ideal conditions for extended hikes.The fishing village of Nezerine on the east coast <a href="" title="Nerezine Kroatien"> Nerezine</a> is an excellent starting point for beautiful tours through the Massif of the Osorscica. The area is very accessible and well-documented in hiking maps. Scaling the Televrina, the highest mountain in the range, is rewarded with magnificent views over the islands of Cres and Losinj and the Kvarner Bay. After Veli Losinj, the oldest and largest city on the island, was no longer able to cope with the torrents of bathers at the beginning of the twentieth century, the town of Mali Losinj took the lead. The beautiful pine-covered bay on the Cikat peninsula, which has been a coveted bathing spot for more than 100 years, also contributes to this. Boat owners can also find beautiful moorings in the city's large harbour, while out of the water cafes, palm trees, flower beds and rippling fountains emphasize the picturesque harbour ambience. One special attraction is the ancient bronze statue found on the seabed off the coast of Losinj, which has been returned to Mali Losinj after a lengthy restoration.




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Hľadáte prázdninový byt, prázdninový dom, hotel, vidiecky dom, penzión, hosťovskú izbu alebo obytný príves pre svoju dovolenku v Ostrov Losinj, alebo sa len jednoducho chcete informovať o Ostrov Losinj v Ostrovy, potom ste u nás správne.

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Ostrov Losinj, dobrá voľba pre Vašu dovolenku v Chorvátsku.

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